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The main advantage of this type of transport is a high level of maneuverability. By means of the automotive transport shipment can be carried out "door to door" without intermediate transfers with the required degree of promptness and a regularity of delivery.

The «FORUM LOGISTICS» company organizes transportation of cargo using the following types of trucks and trailers:

  • The open onboard
  • The refrigerator
  • The isothermal
  • The container carriers
  • The trucks
  • The tilt
  • The trawls
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Air transportation

These transportations belong to highly specialized in their functions and are of great importance in the transport of valuable, perishable and emergency supplies or urgent delivery of cargo in hard-to-reach places.

The «FORUM LOGISTICS» company is ready to organize the delivery of cargo by air.

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Maritime transport

The maritime transport carries out generally external, export and import transportations, including all freight transportation in Intercontinental communication.

The «FORUM LOGISTICS» company organizes the following types of shipping:

  • Transportation in containers
  • Transportation by tankers
  • Transportations by bulk ships
  • Ro-Ro service
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Transportation by rail

Railway transportation is the most efficient for transportation of mass cargoes for medium and long distances with a high concentration of freight flows.

The «FORUM LOGISTICS» company organizes transportation of cargo using the following types of rail transport:

  • Railway platform
  • Refrigerated section
  • The tank cars
  • Boxcars
  • High-sided open wagons
  • Hoppers
  • The dump cars
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Logistic outsourcing

Our professionalism and well-established partnerships allow us completely in a complex to provide you all services of logistic outsourcing.

Depending on the route, terms, character of freight, we will make the most profitable schemes of delivery, or will provide you on a choice of several options. When moving goods in the international traffic, besides direct search of associated transport, or a reliable trusted carrier, you will inevitably face issues connected with customs clearance, certification, warehousing services, insurance of freight and the financial transaction support. In order to provide the clients with integrated service, and that's what we are really strong, an experts of the «FORUM LOGISTICS» company are ready to resolve all related issues in the organization of logistic processes of your company on themselves.

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Customs clearance

At realization of export-import operations of the company will inevitably face the necessity of crossing boundaries, and therefore with the presentation of the list of specific documents. The customs clearance offered by the company «FORUM LOGISTICS» includes all range of customs services.

The great experience in solving the most complex and non-standard issues allows to carry out customs clearance of cargoes in the shortest terms with the minimum expenses according to the existing Russian legislation.

We are ready to become an indispensable and long-term partner in the implementation of customs clearance operations in the sphere of foreign economic activity of Your company with the great pleasure.

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Warehousing services

Thanks to an extensive network of warehouse providers, we offer effective solutions in the sphere of warehouse logistics and management of terminal cargo handling in all large cities of Russia and abroad. The «FORUM LOGISTICS» company offers a full complex, both standard of warehouse services, and services individual conforming to requirements of your company.

The complex of services includes:

  • Consignment storage
  • Handling operations
  • Application of warehouse strategy of "FIFO" and "LIFO"
  • Preparation of necessary stock delivery documents
  • Inventory and reporting
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Consolidation
  • Utilization
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The «FORUM LOGISTICS» company is ready to provide insurance protection to all categories of freights during transportation. We always define the most favorable and the optimal forms of the insurance of your freights in aspiration, as much as possible to protect against potential financial losses.

The long business cooperation only with the reliable and trusted insurance companies provides the guaranteed compensation of material damage in case of occurrence of insured events.

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